Katie & Philip | E. Carroll Joyner Park Wedding


They laughed, the maid of honor sang, a candle was lit and they kissed. Handwritten vows left their circle of friends teary-eyed and giggling with laughter over the witty and honest pledges. Katie and Philip followed this with a symbolic foot washing. An act of humble caring and true servanthood as they begin this new phase of living life as husband and wife. Happily ever after happened.  I loved getting to know Katie and Philip and it was an honor to capture their gorgeous spring wedding. Following the ceremony, the Bride & Groom braved the forest to capture some STUNNING fairytale images and I loved jumping right into nature with them to create some truly breathtaking images.


E, Carrol Joyner Park. Raleigh North Carolina Wedding Photography. 


Brooke + Nam | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Shoes were flying, laughs were had, the coffee bar of dreams, the donut tower, the Korean stew but most of all the family and friends who all gathered to celebrate Brooke + Nam and what a celebration it was. 
— Hannah, sister of the bride.

Wedding Location: Hickory Corners, Michigan. In the Martens Vineyard.

Brooke + Nam-104.JPG
Brooke + Nam-28.JPG
Brooke + Nam-16.JPG
Brooke + Nam-17.JPG
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Brooke + Nam-126.JPG
Brooke + Nam-111.JPG
Brooke + Nam-85.JPG
Brooke + Nam-58.JPG
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Brooke + Nam-102.JPG

Lauren + Jon | Raleigh Engagement Photographer

While I was visiting family in Michigan I had the opportunity to photograph Jon's proposal to Lauren. I almost just typed "surprise" proposal but then most proposals are a surprise, right!? With family all around, Russell Dickerson blasting “Yours” on the stereo, and a strong Lake Michigan breeze coming across the pier, Jon got on one knee and said those four big words: Will you marry me?

Session Location: South Haven, Michigan. 

Lauren + Jon.JPG
Lauren & Jon -2.JPG
Lauren + Jon-3.JPG
Lauren + Jon-4.JPG
Lauren + Jon-5.JPG
Lauren + Jon-6.JPG
Lauren + Jon-9.JPG
Lauren + Jon-8.JPG
Lauren + Jon-12.JPG
Lauren + Jon-14.JPG
Lauren + Jon-13.JPG
Lauren + Jon-23.JPG
Lauren + Jon-16.JPG
Lauren + Jon-15.JPG
Lauren & Jon -17.JPG
Lauren & Jon -21.JPG
Lauren & Jon -18.JPG
Lauren + Jon-22.JPG
Lauren + Jon-24.JPG

Alyssa + Stephen | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Alyssa and Stephen's beautiful wedding took place at Campbell Lodge nature preserve in Raleigh, North Carolina. So many gorgeous details came together to make their day amazing, including perfect fall weather! Friends and family gathered to help celebrate the "I do's and ever afters". The toasts were the sweetest, the dancing was epic. Congrats you two! 


Photography: Shinybox Photo | Venue: Campbell Lodge | Florals: Bittersweet Floral | Lighting: Danny Sanchez | DJ: TJ Terry | Hair: Tracy Mullins | Transportation: Raleigh Dream Limos | Wedding Planner/Decor: Hobnob Occasions.

Alyssa + Stephen.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-87.JPG


Alyssa + Stephen-1.1.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-2.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-4.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-94.JPG
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Alyssa + Stephen-6.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-8.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-45.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.6.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-44.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-88.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-43.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.8-11.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.8-3.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.8-6.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.8-4.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.8-5.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.8-9.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.8.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.8-2.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.3.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-9.JPG


Alyssa + Stephen-47.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-10.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-46.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-12.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-14.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-15.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-17.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-18.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-16.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-23.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-22.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-24.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-20.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-21.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-29.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-86.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-28.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-30.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-32.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-49.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-50.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-34.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-37.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-31.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-42.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-56.JPG


Alyssa + Stephen-57.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-59.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-60.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-58.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-61.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-48.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-68.JPG



Alyssa + Stephen-69.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-62.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-63.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-70.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-67.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-1.7.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-71.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-72.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-73.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-84.JPG
Alyssa + Stephen-85.JPG

Laura + Jeremy | Engagement Session

Love is an adventure and a conquest. It survives and develops, like the universe itself, only by perpetual discovery.
— PierreTeihard de Chardin

I loved photographing this gorgeous engagement session for Laura and Jeremy! They truly are as adventurous as they are a sweet couple. I hope this romantic session inspires many more future boat rides and walks on the beach. This was hands down one of the sweetest engagement sessions I have had the pleasure of shooting! If you have a vision of a great photo session of your own, I would love to help you bring it to life! Drop me a line and let the adventures begin!

Bridal Inspiration

I feel like if I wasn't a photographer, I might want to be florist or even a wedding planner!  For this reason I love to partner with my fellow creatives and together we combine our skills to make beautiful images. If you are a bride planning your wedding or know a bride that is just getting started we would love to help make your wedding dreams come to life! I've linked these businesses below, we are local to the Cary/Raleigh area and cannot wait to meet you!

Hair by Londan Kelly  | Florals by Kelly Myers

Venue: JC Raulston Arboretum | Photography by Shinybox Photo

Anya + Caleb | Gallentine Wedding

Good morning friends! Today is fabulous Friday blog post day and I cannot even tell you how excited I am to share this one! I've  known Anya and Caleb for a while now and, over the past year, it was great to hang out and help plan their big day! I was so honored when they ask if I could photograph their wedding and help capture all the moments of this special occasion. Congratulations to the sweetest couple, you both are truly blessed to have each other. 

Engagement Shoot Giveaway | Shinybox Photo

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Amy + Jerry | Raleigh, NC

I am so excited to share this engagement session today. Amy is a good friend that I had the pleasure to meet and work with while I lived in Taiwan {Almost six years ago!} and it was just a few weeks ago when Amy contacted me to start planning a downtown Raleigh engagement session while she and Jerry were visiting in the states. Here is a little bit of their love story:

They met at college and fell in love. Jerry is an adventurer who loves to travel the world so it was no surprise that five years after they met, he had planned a special trip to take Amy to the United Kingdom for a proposal! He got down on one knee and of course Amy said yes! Their dream is to travel the world together and chase down their wishes to see all the beautiful creations that God has put on this earth.

I wish you both all the sweetest times as you enjoy life together!


These images were photographed at the North Carolina Capitol building in downtown Raleigh as well as Lassiter Mill Park.

Capnerhurst Wedding | Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina

You are my every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the best day of my life. I will always be yours.
— The Notebook

In the first week of the New Year I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful winter wedding. The gorgeous church was filled with family and good friends to witness the wedding of Keanna and Steve. The sweet ceremony was just perfect and reflected the love they share. Congratulations to you both!

Melisa & Jason | Married

Melisa and Jason: Two musicians and two soul mates. They met at the music studio where they both worked. Their first date was playing duets together, Jason walked in with a book, sat down at the piano and asked Melisa if she wanted to play a duet. Fast forward one year later and they are under the stain glass lights of this church in Port Huron, Michigan. I was so honored to stand up in your wedding as well as help Beto photograph your lovely day. Jumping in and grabbing a camera whenever I could made this wedding as exciting as possible and I wouldn't have it any other way. Congratulations once again, may the rich blessing of life follow you both.


The stunning church, where little rainbows of light were everywhere.

The simple but stunning gown.

Gold bands and diamonds..

The groom and his guys, tying ties for the happiest occasion. 

Every brides favorite part of getting ready, lashes please.

A touch of sophistication with the whimsy of baby's breath. 

On the river walk with the bride. And just a few steps away from the Canadian border.

Of course the four bridesmaids. Happy to celebrate this November day with you!

The guys rocked these portraits as well. Of course.

Favorite moment as a huge Freighter floated through the background.

The views in the this town are the best. 

Forever and always, the ceremony.

Now, please kiss your bride. 

Can we take a moment and appreciate what a fun wedding party you had?!

To have and to hold...

Forever loved, forever cherished...

The reception in the picturesque location of Kate's Downtown. 

First dance as a couple, under the twinkly lights.

The mother son dance.

Eat, drink and be merry, err, married.

A few leaves from fall and a cheery send off!

Amber & Rob | Raleigh, NC Photography

You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.
— William W. Purkey

Rob and Amber are celebrating five years of marriage and wanted to document their love with a photo session in downtown Raleigh. They danced on cobblestone streets and finished this sweet session with a date in the ice-cream shop. 

I had so much fun photographing you both, stay just the way you are and may you have many more years of happiness!



LeeAnn & Daniel | Raleigh, NC Wedding

They met and it was love, they both knew it. He proposed by learning to sing a favorite country song, and she said yes. The day of the wedding was a warm and sunny fall day. They got married in a chapel and it was perfect and sweet. Congratulations LeeAnn and Daniel, we wish you the very best and all the happiness in the world. 

Meeting you was not the first day of the rest of my life; it was the first day of the BEST of my life.
— Dr. Steve Mariboli

Melisa & Jason | Raleigh, NC

I had the best time photographing this engagement session, we went all over downtown Raleigh and captured this sweet love story! Melisa and Jason, I couldn't be happier for you both! 

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
— Dr. Seuss

Hannah & Sam | A fresh Country Wedding

Five years ago they met for the first time, they were both at a conference in the gorgeous northwoods of Watersmeet Michigan. He first noticed her lovable sense humor that she shares in every place she goes. The conference ended and Sam went back to his home in Florida and Hannah continued on with her life in Michigan, they wouldn't meet again for several years. 

He first noticed her lovable sense humor.

Their story began again on Hannah's birthday when Sam's sister had over 20 different people text Hannah as a joke/surprise and tell her happy birthday. Sam was one of those people! They texted off and on after that but it took months for Hannah to consider a real relationship. Finally, one day after talking online and on the phone they decided to meet up and see each other once again, if you could see these two together you would see the most perfect couple and from then on there was no stopping love.

In the middle was a bottle with a map of their journey to love.

In January of this year Sam proposed to Hannah on the beach, it was late, and cold and she was in her pajamas. She begged him to go back to the warm house, but he ask her to keep going and see the amazing boardwalk. As they walked further they came to a heart shaped ring of lights, in the middle was a bottle with a map of their journey to love. And so on that beach, in her pajama's Hannah said yes!  They were married in the sweet country air of Hickory Corners, Michigan in a lovely outdoor ceremony.