Newborn Session

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Newborn Session

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Cary newborn photographer | Raleigh newborn photographer

You have waited for nine months, you are ready to meet your little one and so are we! We know that your newborn photos are so important to you, and preserving the precious moments is In our opinion sacred. To me, newborn photography is one of the most important kinds of photography we offer. And if we had to choose what our favorite thing to photograph is… it would be newborn photography. We have had 2 little newborns ourselves and truly understand how quickly this time goes by. We love being newborn photographer and are blessed to do what we do. You would be surprised to know that after just 2 weeks, you’re tiny newborn will have grown and the many of their tiny features are quickly vanishing.

And on that note we would like to announce our new packages! We have designed several different sessions and packages so you can choose how you would like to capture these precious moments of your lives! Newborn sessions are set up right in your home! And we schedule your session between the ages of 3–14 days old. We are equipped with lighting that accents the tiniest of features on even a cloudy day! And the fun part, we bring all fun and unique props we will need with us!

What to expect:

To book your newborn session, you’ll want to do that while you’re still pregnant if possible. If you are running late, just give me a call and we’ll schedule you as soon as we can! What we do is reserve a couple days for your 2 hour newborn session in my calendar the day that you send your deposit through. This ensures that we have flexibility around your due date. Newborn photo sessions are our priority and we want you to know that. Your session fee serves as a deposit and includes access to all of our specially chosen props, creative skill and time, and of course the individual time with just your newborn. The best time for a newborn nap falls around 10am and tends to be the best time a photo session, so we suggest scheduling just that. We will arrive about 15 minutes early to set up our lighting and baby props. The only thing you need to do is make sure your baby feeds 30 minutes prior to your session time. 

Safety First

Safety is a very important part of our sessions. There are a lot of poses out there that are not safe. We only do poses and props that are gentle and safe for your newborn. Newborn sessions are usually longer than regular sessions, this is because much of the time is designated to calming baby and keeping him or her warm between each pose.. We invite you to breastfeed or bottle feeding during the session to keep your newborn full and sleepy. As a practiced mom, you don’t have to be nervous about breastfeeding around me or worry about your baby having an “accident” while you’re there. It’s part of the session and we don’t mind at all. Your job is to sit back and let us take care of your baby for you!