Baby Shower

We are halfway through the week. Halfway people! I got my workout done and a new bag of coffee beans so I'm feeling pretty optimistic about life in general. Oh and guess what, I'm having a baby! Well in about a month ;) and I am so excited to meet my baby girl! My good friend Elizabeth is due a few weeks ahead of me so I threw a baby shower. There is nothing better than good food and friends right? Plus, I will literally take any chance I get to have a party.  Beto grabbed a few shots of the festivities so I could share this little festive moment of our life. Cheers! 

Baby & Bubbles

Today I put down Ariana for a nap and took some time to give Sofia a warm bath and a little photo session of her own. She is growing up so quickly and is already six weeks old! Her soft little belly and her tiny hands and feet are dimpled sweetness, and after bath time she always takes a long nap. :)  Sofia's little smiles melt our hearts and we are so blessed to have her in our family!





Baby bath Shinybox Photo-8.jpg