Tudor Family Portraits | Raleigh, NC

A few months ago, I was walking into the gym when I spotted a cute little pregnant mom I had never seen before! She seemed pretty cool so I had to say Hi and adopt her into my favorite workout class before she got snagged by the Pilates club. ha ha, but seriously! ;) Little Liam is the the newest addition to this family and how perfect is that name!  I knew we had to do this fresh spring shoot to capture her growing family. Graham and Liam are literally the sweetest brothers and I had a ton of fun capturing their energy and cheeky little faces!

Tudor Family - Spring 2018-4.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-3.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-12.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-15.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-32.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-25.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-33.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-40.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-37.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-57.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-61.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-47.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-50.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-63.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-67.JPG
Tudor Family - Spring 2018-76.JPG

Dodson | Family Portraits

Is it Monday again?  Sometimes, I seem to get so much done on my weekends. It might be because of the amount of coffee I drink or, most likely, because I get to work with and photograph some really lovely people!  Over memorial day weekend I enjoyed getting to know and photograph the Dodson family, complete with their miniature schnauzer puppy. Last fall, I met and photographed their daughter Jillian for her high school Senior portraits. If you want (and you should) you can check out that beautiful session here.  This family session was shot at the Historic Yates Mill and I just cant ever get over how pretty it is there.


Session Location: Historic Yates Mill Park

Vance Family Portraits | Boylan Bridge, Raleigh NC

I photographed this sweet family in Raleigh over the Boylan Bridge, it was definitely the perfect spot to photograph this growing little family. Little Jack is a charmer and was absolutely fascinated by the trains in going through the background. 

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life
— Richard Bach