Baby Shower

We are halfway through the week. Halfway people! I got my workout done and a new bag of coffee beans so I'm feeling pretty optimistic about life in general. Oh and guess what, I'm having a baby! Well in about a month ;) and I am so excited to meet my baby girl! My good friend Elizabeth is due a few weeks ahead of me so I threw a baby shower. There is nothing better than good food and friends right? Plus, I will literally take any chance I get to have a party.  Beto grabbed a few shots of the festivities so I could share this little festive moment of our life. Cheers! 

Ariana | Pretty Princess

Ariana is growing up so fast, we did a fun little session a few days ago to document this stage of her life. She loved posing  and even brought a little bouquet to use as her prop. 

10 fun facts about Ariana

 1. She is a morning person. 2. She loves dark chocolate 3. She peels halo oranges and stick them on her thumb and calls them sucker rings. 4. She weighs about 25lbs. 5. She will do anything if I bribe her with candy. 6. She talks with her hands 7. She is obsessed with Disney. 8. She just learned how to jump. 9. She eat's spicy food. 10. She loves helping unloading the dishwasher and helping wash the dishes.

I wan’na go Disney mom-mom...But I don’t have any monies.
— Ariana Piper
Ariana | Princess Party Session-29.jpg