Hannah & Sam | A fresh Country Wedding

Five years ago they met for the first time, they were both at a conference in the gorgeous northwoods of Watersmeet Michigan. He first noticed her lovable sense humor that she shares in every place she goes. The conference ended and Sam went back to his home in Florida and Hannah continued on with her life in Michigan, they wouldn't meet again for several years. 

He first noticed her lovable sense humor.

Their story began again on Hannah's birthday when Sam's sister had over 20 different people text Hannah as a joke/surprise and tell her happy birthday. Sam was one of those people! They texted off and on after that but it took months for Hannah to consider a real relationship. Finally, one day after talking online and on the phone they decided to meet up and see each other once again, if you could see these two together you would see the most perfect couple and from then on there was no stopping love.

In the middle was a bottle with a map of their journey to love.

In January of this year Sam proposed to Hannah on the beach, it was late, and cold and she was in her pajamas. She begged him to go back to the warm house, but he ask her to keep going and see the amazing boardwalk. As they walked further they came to a heart shaped ring of lights, in the middle was a bottle with a map of their journey to love. And so on that beach, in her pajama's Hannah said yes!  They were married in the sweet country air of Hickory Corners, Michigan in a lovely outdoor ceremony.

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